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As a therapist Jane uses a direct and compassionate approach that supports individual clients that make up a couple or family in being active participants in their own journey. She specializes in couples and family therapy. Her goal is to guide clients from awareness into action. Choosing to be in therapy is choosing to improve your quality of life. I work with couples and families that want to understand each other better but are struggling to find common ground through effective communication. MY goal is to improve relationships and resolve conflicts within the couples/family structure by working with all individuals that makeup that structure. Therapy does not define an individual’s life, only alters it, and Jane helps make positive changes by providing a well-rounded continuum of care. She integrates complementary methodologies to offer a highly personal approach, uniquely tailored to each couple and family.


Jane is DBT and CBT informed and also uses the following therapeutic interventions: Strategic family therapy, emotionally focused therapy, structural family therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.


  • Pepperdine University: MA in Clinical Psychology, Emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist: BBS California License #: 116900

  • Women's Association of Addiction Treatment (WAAT) Los Angeles Chapter

  • California Association of Marriage and Family Therapy Member

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meet pearl

Pearl is Jane's French Bulldog. She has a calm, gentle demeanor and loves to play ball. Most of all she's a great listener.

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